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Cuckoo Spit-The Amazing Froghopper

Cuckoo Spit-The Amazing Froghopper Image source: By Kaldari - Own work, Public Domain,
1. Named because of its frog- like head and jumping ability; also green.

2. Feeds using a stabbing, sucking beak- like structure.

3. Insects have developed ingenious ways of defending themselves from their innumerable enemies, who are ever ready to make a meal of them. The Frog-hopper is a tiny bug less than a quarter of an inch long living on trees and plants hopping from place to place like a tiny frog. When it is young, the Frog-hopper has no wings or legs to help it to escape from enemies. So, it has developed a remarkable method of protecting itself. It builds a 'bubble fortress' around itself and remains safe inside.
Nymph Image source: By Diliff - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
4. The nymphs are very successful in avoiding predators. They have to consume so much plant sap, the excess is …

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