The beautiful Penelope Cruz

The beautiful Penelope Cruz 
Penelope Cruz  is a Spanish actress who has won considerable critical acclaim  for  her  role  in Spanish  and  English movies.  She  is  the  first Spanish  actress  to  be  nominated  for  an  Oscar. Cruz  speaks  four languages fluently. She also donates a considerable amount of money and  time to  charity.  From  2001,  Cruz  had  a  three-year  relationship with actor Tom Cruise.

Cruz was born  in Madrid  in  1974  to a hairdresser mother  and motor mechanic  father.  She wanted  to  be  a  dancer  as  a  child  and  studied classical ballet  for nine years. Her younger sister Monica  is a  famous Spanish dancer. However, when Cruz was 15, she decided to get  into acting after beating 300 other hopefuls at a talent agency audition. Cruz  first  achieved  fame  in  a Spanish  pop  video  and  then  as  a  TV presenter.  Her  first  major  films  were  ‘Jamón,  Jamón’ and  ‘Belle Époque’,  which  won  an Academy  Award  for  Best  Foreign  Language Film. In 2000 she appeared with Matt Damon in ‘All the Pretty Horses’. She rose to fame by co-starring in ‘Vanilla Sky’, opposite Tom Cruise.  Cruz has received two Goya Awards and two European Film Awards for her  work.  She  also  won  a  Best  Actress  award at  the  Cannes  Film Festival.  In 2006,  she  was  used  as  the  face  for  L’Oreal’s  worldwide advertising campaign and a year later, she  launched her own  fashion line  in  Spain.  She  wants  to  balance  her  life and  work between Hollywood and Europe.

Kristian Schuller, shot the intense imagery. Set to take the audience on a stunning visual voyage, the 2013 Calendar showcases Campari’s latest female protagonist in 13 vivid shots, as she engages with intriguing and mystical superstitions, such as black cats, broken mirrors, walking under ladders as well as walking on cracks. Dressed in a variety of gorgeous red-themed dresses and shoes from top fashion houses including Monique Lhuillier and Salvatore Ferragamo, as well as jewellery by Chopard, Penelope dazzles in every shot. (Photos by Kristian Schuller).


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