Arctic Hare Facts

Arctic Hare Facts
1. The arctic hare wieghs 12 pounds , 18 to  inches long , and their tail is about 2 inches long. Arctic hares have very big, powerful hind legs and have huge feet which they use to leap on the snow.They can hop up to 30 miles an hour they are fast.The arctic hare has shot ears with black tips. Arctic hares are white in the winter and brown in the summer. The arctic hare can be interesting.

2. The arctic hare lives in the tundra of the northern parts of Canada. They live on the rocky sloes of upper land tundra. Arctic hares sleep in the bushes on the rocky slopes.They might live in dens at the coldest part  of the winter. Only if they have to. The arctic hare lives farther north then any other hare in the whole wide world.

3. Arctic hares eat herbs, plants, mosses,lichens, buds, berries, seaweed, twigs, and meat from hunters traps.There usual diet is willow, leaves, shoots, bark, roots, grass, flowers, and berries. If the arctic hare is really thirsty it will eat snow. The arctic hare is mostly a plant-eater, but when all the twigs and leaves  are gone they eat they eat meat from hunters traps.

4. Adult hares have very few enemies besides the arctic wolf  and arctic fox. Young hares enemies are the arctic wolf, arctic fox, snowy owls, and gyrfalcons. The arctic fox is the main enemy of the arctic fox. When alarmed the arctic hare rises on to there hind legs to look for danger then bound off at top speed. 

5. A baby hare is a gray or brown and are  called leveret. They weigh about 2 to 4 ounces. Born in late May, June, or July. It depends on where they live. Mothers stay with their babies for 2 to 3 days , on the forth day she goes now and then. The babies lie still in the snow and almost look like the surrounding around them. By September they are the size of an adult. 

6. The Inuit people kill the arctic hare for meat. They also kill it for the fur.  The arctic hares fur is great for clothing. 

7. Arctic hares are always on guard. While some hares  sleep the others stand on guard. Hares survive by huddling together. They might huddle behind a snow drift under a bush. In a very bad snow storm they might huddle behind a rock.


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