Unusual Animal Facts

Unusual Animal Facts
Image Source: "Mus musculoides hirse fressend" by AleXXw - Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Mus_musculoides_hirse_fressend.jpg#/media/File:Mus_musculoides_hirse_fressend.jpg

1. Cats have excellent vision which helps them as expert hunters. They are usually very quiet when pursuing their prey.

2. Only big cats roar. Little cats purr.

3. The largest wild cat is the Siberian Tiger-from head to tail they can measure more than 10 feet and weigh more than 600 pounds.

4. Cats have hairy tails and rough tongues that they use to clean their fur.

5. There are about 230 species of primates.

6. Monkeys and apes have families or larger groups called 'troops,' and often behave like people.

7. Primates have developed behaviors that let them live almost anywhere-from the semidesert areas of Africa to the cold mountains of Asia.

8. Monkeys and apes have hands that can grab. They have eyes that face forward allowing  them to see precise distances.

9. Sheep have a field of vision of around 300 degrees, so they can see behind them without having to turn their head.

10. Goats were the first animals to be used for milk by humans

11. The proper name for a group of goats is called a TRIP.

12. More than 100 medicines come from cattle, including insulin.

13. Beef fat, called tallow, is an ingredient in soaps, cosmetics, candles,  shortenings, and chewing gum.

14. In 1996, a sheep named Dolly was the first mammal to be cloned from a somatic cell.

15. Goats discovered coffee beans.
Image source: "Hippopotamus - 04" by Kabacchi - Hippopotamus - 04. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Hippopotamus_-_04.jpg#/media/File:Hippopotamus_-_04.jpg

16. Did you know a dairy cows spots may be compared to human fingerprints? No two cows 
have the same spots.

17. Did you know a hen can lay about 300 eggs each year?

18. There are 6 types of tigers: Siberian, Bengal, Indochinese, Malayan, Sumatran and South China.

19. A tiger's canine teeth can measure up to 3 inches long.

20. There are 3 species of elephants in the world: 2 in Africa and one in Asia.

21. African elephants are the heaviest land animals in the world, weighing 6 to 7 tons. That's the weight of 3.5 cars!

22. There are over 1700 different kinds of rodents including squirrels, mice and meerkats.

23. Birds are the only animals on earth to have feathers which grow out of their skin.

24. The smallest rodent is a Pygmy Mouse of Central America which is only 1 inch long and weighs only 7 grams.

25. Pigs, boars, hippos, camels, deer, giraffes, antelopes and many other hoofed animals all have a horny hoof on each toe which is used for gripping the ground.

26. Wing feathers help birds fly, tail feathers help them turn, and they also help to control a bird’s body temperature.

27. Almost half of all mammal species are rodents.

28. The tallest hoofed mammal is the giraffe which can be 19 feet tall.

29. The heaviest hoofed animal is the African Hippopotamus which can weigh about 10000 

30. Studies have shown that pigs are as smart as dogs-they’ve been taught to fetch, sit and do many of the tricks that dogs can do.


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