Amazingly Creative Steampunk Sculptures

Amazingly Creative Steampunk Sculptures

 by Pierre Matter

French born Pierre Matter most often referred to as ‘steampunk’ sculptor tried his hand at oil, acrylic and watercolour but later found his passion lay within sculpture. Matter creates hybrids combining elements of the human or animal forms with all things mechanical; addressing mans dependency on machine and unnatural evolution. 

Inspired by the likes of science fiction author, Jules Verne, Pierre Matter reflects on the future, rather than the present. Using metal as his medium, the artists’ passion for boats, floating monsters and ghost towns is a homage to the genre known as Steampunk. As shown in his creations, this genre marries fantasy and speculative fiction with science fiction and technology. With the idea of steam power, propelling his statuesque machinelike sculptures, Matter creates a virtual dream factory from his imagination. Exploring the concept that technology, such as cars, have become extensions of the human form in a biomedical sense, Matter portrays the notion that man is so dependent on these machines, that one detail removed can alter the outcome.



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